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Download 2000 backlink profile for your blog. With a strong backlink profile, you can more easily achieve higher rankings, bring traffic to your site from referrals, and more.
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A backlink profile is a set of links that bring visitors to your site. In addition to the number of backlinks, the backlink profile also contains details about other link characteristics, such as:

  • Types of links
  • Anchored text (such as clickable text with a hyperlink) domain quality
  • link

With a strong backlink profile, you can more easily achieve higher rankings, bring traffic to your site from referrals, and more.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to create to do follow backlinks profile instant approval with domain authority 92 and 93. What’s up friends are more here. And before we jump into the site number one, please consider subscribing to this channel, liking this video to support it. And also, if you have questions, please drop them in the comment section.

There will be also a third website as a bonus with a domain authority of 81 and list of backlink profile. The first website is called academia.edu. And this is an elearning website where you can learn from other people’s courses or submit your own courses. So let’s go ahead and check the domain authority of this website academia.edu. Resolve the captcha and like check. So you will see the result at the bottom here saying that the domain authority is 93 spam score is 1%, which is great.

So let’s go ahead register an account on academia.edu. And then access your profile and edit it. Here is the email the welcome email that will be sent to you from academia.com. And once you register and log in, you’ll be able to click on your name here. And there are lots of things that you can set up. But what we want to do first is have a do follow backlink from our profile to our website.

So go ahead and click on my profile. Then you will see this button here saying edit. So when you hover over it, you have lots of things to edit here, like the name, the profile, picture affiliation, biography, like bio is already here. I already did it. So let’s go to edit. And then what I wanted to do is go to social profiles, click on social profiles. And as you can see here, I have my website here and I have it again here. So I have to do follow backlinks profile to my website.

But look at this. If I click here, for example, add social profile, I can choose which social profile I can add. So I used homepage for my business website. And I used also about me for another website. And now I’m going to use for example, my Facebook page, which is a good thing to have. So right click, this is my Facebook page, get back here, paste it, and then save. So you can play with this button here and social profile. And if you want to have a do follow backlink instant approval to your website, choose homepage or about me or other, you can click other and just submit the URL title and click on the tick button here to save it. So as you can see here, if I hover over this link here, I will find all the paid all the links that I created earlier and if I click on it, it will take me to my website.

The second website that we are going to use to generate do follow backlinks is live journal.com And this is like a blogging platform and if we go check the authority of this where I have this domain name live journal.com I will click Check and I will see the results at the bottom here saying domain authority 93 and spam score is 1% which is very good.

So let’s go to live journal.com So you’ll be able to register for free. You can find the signup button here on the top, you can just provide your email address and then go to your email verify your address and come back here. So we will play a little bit with your profile.

So if I go here and I click on my profile, I will see where exactly I want to put the do follow backlink and as you can see here is the do follow backlinks. So if I select it, right click and inspect it, you will see that there is no no follow with the link here. So this is a do follow backlink and if I click on it.

I am on my website. So let’s go back. This is my profile backlink. So if you want to have more links to your websites, you can also click on posts a new entry and start blogging and include links in those blog posts. But they will not be to follow they will be nofollow. So the only link that the only links that are do follow are on your profile here.

And as you can see, I added an anchor text like a contextual link to my website and I added also the address of my YouTube channel. Now to customize that you just click here where it says Edit Profile, and then you start entering information about you, you can write a bio and you can also put your websites as you can see here, I put a small bio here and it says here webpage, I put the link to my website and the anchor text, which is viral traffic snowball.

So you can like take two, three minutes to create this wonderful, powerful do follow backlink with a domain authority of 93. Now the third website that I told you about which is like as a bonus is skillshare.com. And if I take skillshare.com and go to the domain authority checker, let’s paste it here resolve the captcha and click check you will see that he has a high domain authority which is 81. And if I go to Skillshare and I click on the similar web button, you can see that it’s receiving more than 8 million visitors a month and it’s well ranked in the USA.

So this is a nice website to have a do follow backlink from and as you can see, this is the do follow backlink not these ones here as you can see these are nofollow but this one here is the the do follow backlinks so you click on edit profile when you register an account with Skillshare you can click on edit profile and then start typing information about yourself on the bio you can include links but the links are not do follow.

But you can find here the place where you enter your website so you enter your website here and you can enter also all the other social profiles and as you can see I entered my YouTube video channel here so when you finish updating the information you click Save, save and exit so now I’m going to check this link and see if it’s do follow or nofollow I’m going to inspect it and you can see on the link here that there is no no follow there’s only no refer but it’s not nofollow.

So this is a do follow backlinks but these ones here are no follow Okay guys, so for more do follow backlinks with high domain authority please browse to the channel and check this video here for a website of 93 of domain authority of 93 and check this website this video here for more high da do follow backlinks Instant Approval all of them.

So thank you very much for making it so far. Don’t forget to comment this article. Leave me a comment and I will see you on the next article about free backlink high da pa for blog website.

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